Which DSLR to buy ?

Off late I have received many emails asking to advice on a DSLR. Having gone through a phase of evaluating the options in the recent past, I have decided to buy a Nikon D80 for myself after using Nikon N80 film camera for 4 years.

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Well, it’s a big world out there and some of the well known brands in the market are:

1. Cannon
2. Nikon
3. Olympus
4. Pentax
5. Sony

You probably would not go very wrong with any of the above brands. All of them are good with Cannon and Nikon being mostly preferred by people and DSLR market leaders.

Here are a few basic questions you need to answer to yourself before making a decision

1. What is my budget ?
If you are looking at a DSLR then be prepared to spend at least $500 for a new camera body with a basic lens. The higher the budget, the wider are your choices. Nikon D40x is a good choice for the budget range or you can opt for D80 if you are prepared to shell-out a little more from your pocket.

2.  What brand / make am I comfortable with ?
Few like Nikon others prefer Cannon and many like Pentax. Well, it really depends on what you are comfortable with. For me nothing beats Nikon but my close friend is a pure Cannon supporter. If you have never used an SLR then go to the store and hold a few DSLRs in your hand, the one you feel comfortable shooting is the camera for you.

3. Do I already have a film SLR?
If you said ‘Yes I do’ then consider the DSLR where you can utilize your existing lens. Also try-out the DSLR at the retail store of the same manufacturer. If you have been using a Cannon film SLR then it is likely that you would be more comfortable using a Cannon DSLR.

4. Is Nikon better or Cannon ?
Many are caught in this great question and really I would say that there is no clear answer. Both are great companies and make fantastic equipments and a wide variety of products to offer in DSLR space. It all boils down to what you are more comfortable using.  I have always loved Nikon camera and I am most comfortable with it.

5. Key items I should look for ?

I can suggest the following key points about the equipment you wish you buy.
– Image Stabilization
– Lens compatibility with other camera models of the same manufacturer.
– Sensor size and type
– Lens quality
– ISO noise

Here are a few good sites you can use to read reviews of your camera.
www.cnet.com – for a general idea, does not gives an in-depth review

All said and done, its *YOU* who would decide what makes a good photo and what does not. DSLR is just a tool to realize and sharpen your photography skills. You would still need to be good with your concepts and practice of basic skills around frame composition, aperture, shutter speed, light conditions and ISO to be used.

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