Thoughts and Mindsets

Thought it would be worth to pen down my views on what are the normal thoughts that goes in a person’s mind when he/she plays the following roles in the IT consulting industry.

Each one of us have strengths and are capable individuals, however in the past 8 years I have seen  people who go through these thoughts and it is very surprising. It is sometimes very helpful to understand the ‘why’ behind the person’s behaviour. Have you come across these ?

Technical/Delivery mindset

  • Technology is my life but I also want to move towards management front in the long run.
  • I enjoy design and coding. Thats what I would want to do all my life, dont want to get into Managerment
  • How will I deliver this project/work with such un-skilled team members?
  • Anyone with no technical skills is a useless person.
  • Sales team is no good, getting a new account is no big deal, the real challenge is in delivering it which we do and that gives more business.
  • Sales team sell anything without any knowledge of the technology.
  • Nothing works on relationships, everything is task based and should be clearly defined.
  • We get the job done and deliver to the client, recruitment is never able to get good talent on time and we are left to struggle all the time.
  • The HR is hopeless; we do not get any support from them.

Sales mindset

  • To meet my target, how does my pipeline look like?
  • How can I make more money on commissions?
  • How to package and position the product/service that I am selling?
  • I need to find-out the decision maker in customer’s management for this deal ASAP and create a good relationship with him/her.
  • Is this person of any use to me for this deal?
  • What extra can I show as a value to the customer, does competition has an edge ?
  • Who should I be influencing internally in my company to help me get this deal?
  • Recruitment takes a lot of time to get people on-board. This is a pain
  • Why cant delivery folks understand the sales situation ?

Recruitment mindset

  • Sales team is crazy and sells anything, how on earth am I suppose to find people with this kind of skills?
  • The job specs defined is unrealistic. Seems they need god and not a person.
  • Our compensation structure is not correct, compared to the industry and that’s why people don’t join.
  • I have candidates, but who will take the technical interview. Chasing delivery folks is a pain.
  • This candidate already has another offer, would he/she join us?
  • I have already exhausted all the job sites, where do I get the resumes from ?
  • Resumes from placement agencies are mostly repeat of what we already have. Also the quality of resumes/profiles provided is not good.
  • The internal referral system is not good, has so much limitations, how do I search for suitable profiles?
  • I have submitted 9 resumes for this position, all got rejected in technical round, what are they looking for? Is the interviewer’s expectation too high ?

Admin/Support mindset

  • Why everybody shouts at us? Are we expected to do magic?
  • As per the SLA, I have 4 days to work on this ticket and I am not going to work on it today as I have other higher priority things to complete.
  • I have done most of my work, how long am I supposed to wait for an update from the customer? I am closing this ticket.
  • The SLA/expectation is unrealistic. I am a person not a machine.

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