Optical illusion on Lake Geneva

This is the world famous fountain jet on lake Geneva. After I clicked this photo in Oct 2007 at Geneva, I realized that it also offers an optical illusion.


If you have not already found it, then let me guide you through. Just before the water falls back on the lake, look at the circular area that the water forms. Do you see a shadow or shape of a standing person in there with both hands up on the left hand side as if dancing or about to hit golf shot. Isn’t it amazing to see how nature plays with you sometimes?

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3 Responses to “Optical illusion on Lake Geneva”

  1. Abhishek Jajodia says:

    Here is the illusion that i see, You would have already observed it:

    Rotate the quoted test/symbol by 90 degree in clockwise direction and you get the shape of a fish. Same shape can be outlined in this pic between the
    rise and fall of the jet with the tail of the fish starting at the left middle region of the circular area that you described. And moving upwards from the
    tail you could make a thin rhombus like shape which gives it the shape of a bigfish.

    Like someone said “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, i cant resist adding “Illusiosn lies in the eyes of the beholder or rather in the mind of the beholder”

    Your blogs make a good read. Keep it up

  2. Anand Surana says:

    I can also see a face sideways…the man you are referring to forms both the eyes and there is a faint mouth over the blue lights. Try seeing the big face – its not so hard to imagine..

  3. Aditya Sikaria says:

    I think you both are correct … The illusion lies in the mind of the beholder … I did not see the face and the fish earlier. Somehow optical illusions have always facinated me …

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