I am a legend – review

The entire set-up of the movie and the very beginning is a bit of an enigma. The story does try to bring out the plight of an individual who is all alone on the earth and shows how challenging and sometimes fun it could be. The entire episode of virus outbreak, thirst of human blood, people being infected and unable to stand the sunlight is a bit bizarre. The infected population has been portrayed like a killing machine and looks very ugly. Also the ending is a bit of a contradiction to the base premise of the movie that no humans are left on earth.


Hollywood has presented many such ‘save the world’ science fiction in the past and multiple stories in similar lines with a little change of flavour here and there. This is not a movie to be seen with family and kids because of the violence, flesh and cruality shown.


Will Smith has surly done a great job in the movie and have played the character very well. It is thrilling to see the scene they have created for New York city.


Overall I would rate this movie as 1 on a scale of 1 to 5 and would not recommend to my friends.


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