Aaja Nachle – review

The movie has a good story line which provides a mix of a typical village girl and a modern New Yorker. Brings out some of the family aspects and conservative family oriented thoughts in the Indian society. Also shows some aspects of politics and the kind of people involved.

Looks like yash raj films has carved a story for Madhuri Dixit (MD). No one can beat her even today when it comes to dance and I think she has announced that loud and clear to the larger film industry with this movie.

In the recent Bollywood trend of challenging stories Aaja Nachle is a recent addition. Few other recent ones are Chuk de India and some parts of Rang de Basanti. The story line revolves around the fact that the lead actor/actress accepts a challenge which is difficult and turns it to reality. Apart from Madhuri Dixit some of the strong characters of this movie are Akshay Khanna playing Raja Saab, Irfan Khan playing Farooque and Kunal Kapoor playing Imran/Majnu.

Overall it’s a good movie worth watching once. If you are planning to see this movie then either go to cinema hall or make sure you have good music system on your TV. Entire fun is in the music and dance this movie promises. I have deliberately not touched on the story line of the movie in detail as it would spoil the fun of people who have not seen the movie yet.

The views expressed above are based on my thoughts after seeing the movie. Do share your views and experience with others using the comments link below this post (on the right hand side, the link would say ‘No comments’ or ‘x comments’).

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