‘Pleasure’ holds different meaning to different people. A few lines on what it means to me.

A wildlife sanctuary,
a SLR camera
good animal visibility
great shots … that’s Pleasure

In the middle of a tea garden
Open landscape, pleasant wind
Me and my wife on two relaxing chairs
That’s Pleasure

Weekend with no work
Good music and broadband
Building web application on PHP
That’s Pleasure

Low sunlight and windy weather
Driving down the scenic road
Slow music in the car
Partner with her head resting on your shoulders
That’s Pleasure

A visit to a religious place
Parents happy to visit the place
Happiness and thankfulness showing on their face
That’s Pleasure

Training on technology
Learning on your own
Showing the learning at work
That’s Pleasure

Research on investments
Decision on stocks
Investment of money
Good long term returns
Ultimate Pleasure !!!  😉

Dezember bachelorarbeit informatik schreiben lassen um 19 30 uhr, laden zwei studierende der klavierklasse von prof.

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